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Location and property concept

   With our network of more than 140 stores, we are close to our customers - we try to be wherever they live and work. For this purpose, we are systematizing our location portfolio, expanding our branch network and modernizing our existing stores.

   Adapting to changes in shopping habits in stores, we pay attention mainly to inner-city spaces, areas with intensive public transport, pedestrian and car traffic. We are looking for land plots and existing properties to optimize and expand our store network.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Long-term cooperation (mainly 20-year contract, minimum 10-year contract)
  • The company's growth and expansion potential
  • Regular and timely payment of rent
  • Keeping the property in good condition during the rental period
  • Support in attracting famous brands to the area
  • Financial stability and continuous fulfillment of obligations

Property requirements

Land areas:

  • Being on a main road or highway
  • The fact that this road leads to several settlements with mass living
  • The land area must be at least 20 sot
  • Documents are in order (presence of an extract (preferable), no mortgage on the property, etc.)
  • High degree of visibility

Existing properties (facilities)

  • Main street location (preferred)
  • A population of at least 4,000 people within a radius of 500 meters
  • Presence of high foot traffic
  • Location close to public transport stops
  • Availability of parking space (desirable)
  • Location in the commercial area
  • Having a total area of at least 350 m2
  • High degree of visibility

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