About us

Get to know us better!


Our vision is to be a trusted brand in the local retail market that employees are passionate to serve, and customers love to shop in.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience by serving them with quality, affordable prices and a wide selection of products.


What we stand for and how we behave

Our quality standards

Vibrant, comfortable store environment

  • Innovative store design
  • Wide spacious aisles
  • Modern wide cash desks to enhance the checkout experience

Excellence in-store standards

  • Impactful displays of well merchandised fresh products with the highest quality
  • Well organized fully stocked displays
  • Trusted hygiene and food safety
  • Clear promotional and price message

Best in service

  • Knowledgeable team members trained and motivated to give excellent service
  • Always happy and willing to help

Corporate values


At the core of our business stands the unshakeable commitment to integrity. For us, it means doing what is right. Every time. All the time. 


We generate profits for the benefit of our shareholders and the society at large. In fact, it is today’s profit that lays the foundation of the sustainable business and serves for maintaining the competitive edge.


The world around is constantly changing, so we often have to operate in ambiguity. We seek new opportunities and are ready to take bold steps – do things and go places others don’t dare to.


The outside world will always judge us by the quality of the product or service we deliver. And the quality of our work is directly proportional to the dedication and professionalism of our staff.


When we work as one team across departments, business units, and countries we produce phenomenal results.