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"Make NFC payments with Mastercard at Bravo and win the prize" stimulating lottery

Make NFC payments with Mastercard on Bravo, get a gift every month!

To participate in the lottery, scan the QR code on the receipt for the minimum amount of 1 AZN received by NFC payment from Bravo with Mastercard, and fill in the appropriate information on the website www.bravodanfcqazandirir.az. After accepting the rules, click the participate button and have a chance to win the lottery. On the next page, you can add your card to your e-wallet, track your chances and get detailed information about the lottery.

Have a chance to win 3 units of iPhone 15, 7 units of Apple Watch 9 every month and 1 unit of Toyota Highlander as a grand prize at the end of the lottery!

The lottery will be valid from May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025. Remember that payment must be made via NFC with Mastercard on Bravo to participate in the lottery.

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